Use ideas

  1. Announce your plan to do something you will reveal later.
    This way you can prove this was something planned. Plus, nobody will be able to distort or change your plan.
  2. Reveal something you do not have the courage to say to the face of the recipient.
    When the message opens, you will no longer be there.
  3. Make money.
    Announce you have some valuable/interesting/exclusive information that is eventually time sensitive and offer the possibility to pay a fee to read it sooner.
  4. Conditional messages.
    Create messages that are conditioned to an event happening or not, and that allows you to delete it accordingly before the uncover date (like post mortem).
  5. Timestamp information.
    If you need to irrefutably prove sometime in the future that you said, "This or that" at a particular date.
  6. Spread a prediction.
    It can be proven that you really predicted it before it happened.
  7. Create pranks.
    When you know something, you know someone else would like to know, and you want to play with his impatience.
  8. Have fun.
    Create riddles, contests, promises...
  9. Send an anonymous message.
    Reveal something without anyone knowing you were the source of the information.
  10. More reasons to use it? Just contact us. Good ideas we have not thought of are rewarded.

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