This service allows you to split messages, one visible immediately and the hidden part when you decide it, allowing many uses.

I added some limitations and features that I hope makes it more interesting:

  • Messages will reveal the hidden part at the date specified by the author: within 30 minutes minimum, and a 6 months maximum.
  • Once the hidden part revealed the message will stay visible for the time you specify: from 1 minute minimum to a 1 month maximum.
  • There is no way to change anything once a message is created. Not the visible or hidden message, nor the uncover date, ...
  • Recipients may opt to secretly receive a copy of the hidden message before the uncover date by paying a fee. You (the author) will earn 70% of the profit.
  • If authors generate a profit, it will be paid 3 months after the uncover date to avoid paying for reversals, charge backs or refunds.

    How does it work?

    Simply fill out the small form in the homepage of the site. Once your message is created use the social controls available in the web page to share it by email, Facebook, Twitter, ...

    What are the upcoming improvements?

  • Detect language and show the site content in the appropriate language.
  • Soon each message created will be automatically timestamped by PROOF.com at no extra charge. This means you will have a legal proof that you really wrote this at that date and what you would see at the uncover date is exactly what was originally posted (No changes).

    We are a brand new service and are constantly evolving. If you have an opinion, a suggestion, an idea about our service please contact us. We listen and we love and respect our users.

    Francois Carrillo
    Cybertonic CEO

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